Diigo has changed the way I interact with the Web. Although I was exposed to a similar tool years ago, I failed to consider the possible advantages in using such a tool. The online tool, Diigo, offers the ability to complete many tasks such as saving websites and recording notes and important text on the website. I can use the tool for many different purposes, such as finding technology websites for a course, searching and finding the employment pages of schools where I would like to work, and cooking websites that offer the kinds of recipes that I like. Not only can these sites be part of my “saved” Diigo site, but I am able to group these sites by topic. So, my technology education sites are not among the cooking sites. Diigo allows me to separate professional from personal interests.

Being intentional about finding technology websites was a large reason why I started with Diigo. When I went to search information about technology I found that many others shared similar interests as I do. There are limitless possibilities for the use of Diigo in education, technology, 21st-century learning, etc.

In the future, I will assign new teachers I work with to establish an account with Diigo and use the social bookmarking tool to help one another become more familiar with using technology in daily life. In addition, these websites searches can focus on teaching and learning, and for those in the cohort of new teachers, they can use Diigo to learn about the mission of the school, i.e., the Jesuit mission and philosophy. Much of the training I complete with these individuals in this cohort revolves around the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm, a series of characteristics that define Jesuit philosophy in the classroom. Diigo can help explore this topic as well as other pedagogical philosophies.

In the end, Diigo has become a popular and useful tool that I will continue to use for the classroom and my personal life.  


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