Project Management

ZOHO Project Management Software. Retrieved from:


This product was chosen due its relative ease of use in the training modules I use with new teachers at St. Joseph’s Prep. The software was free, it required an email to start and offered training materials for new users. I sent along instructions to the cohort of new teachers, five individuals in all who would be working with this project management software. Once the software was sent electronically to the users, I will address them individually and in a group setting to begin the “project” I have planned. In this instance, having a calendar and areas for assigning tasks to every individual will be the first ways I can see using this project management software.

Users may use tablets or smartphones to access accounts and make changes to calendars, update accounts, and show tasks are complete with the devices. The product is the completion of an assignment that has several components, so as a result, there are several outcomes that are desired. Each one of these outcomes will lead to the successful completion of a video, a self interview, and an interview of a student.   

RSS Reader               Feedly. Retrieved from:

Really Simple Reader sites allow Web 2.0 users to be able to gather several different news, sports, or entertainment sites and have the information sent directly to a particular device. A user can use many different devices such as a laptop or desktop, a tablet, or a Smartphone. With the RSS feed and an application that organizes the RSS feed, the user can have all the content one desires sent to one location, saving time and effort searching different websites each time information is desired.

I chose “” for delivering content to my iPad. I chose this site because it was recommended by the creators of the video posted under the “readings” for this module. The site was very easy to use, I chose three different news feeds, NPR, the New York Times, and The Huffington Post. Each of these organizations offer the national news I intend to stay aware of in my daily. I have not always been dedicated to knowing the news, and being aware of even the most important events in local and national news. An RSS feed from Feedly will allow me to remain constantly in touch with the most recent and popular stories.

This can enhance the learning by allowing me to connect with educational news as it breaks as well as follow stories that relate to subjects I am interested in. For example, I will take time over the weekend to further investigate other RSS feeds available from The product, once again, is informing people of recent events that change from day to day. A more informed teacher in world events is better able to discuss matters with students, as students will have questions he/she will want to discuss.


Audacity® is free, open source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds. Retrieved from:

Podcasting allows users, just about anyone with a computer, tablet, or a Smartphone, to create audio files in a Mp3 format. This format is the most widely used and can be posted on a Website allowing consumers the ability to download and listen – usually for free. It has been said by many that podcasting has “democratized” radio, taking the power from the hands of corporate radio.

The selection of Audacity to create podcasts was chosen because I had a history with the application and have used it with students and teachers to explain content and be an additional resource for users who were trying to learn academic material or a training module from the program I currently oversee, a new teachers program at St. Joseph’s Prep. Audacity is one more technical tool that I use to convey the importance of learning and using technology to aid and assist new teachers to learn and grow.


Audacity A quick overview for the Completely Bewilded(sic). Retrieved


Watson, Stephanie. How Podcasting Works. Retrieved from:


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